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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 29, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now at eight. weekend of fear in a gold country town when your husband's walking around with a psitol on his hip. you get a little scared. everyone looking for signs of the child killer who stabbed a little girl to death in her own home. >> definitely looking ove our shoulders now. the brother of eight year old layla fowler says an intruder entered their home on saturday. an intense manhunt has turned up no trace of the killer. at this point there is no specific suspect. the crime has rocked the town of valley springs in calaveras county here's what we know.
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man attacked la her home on saturday afternoon. her 12-year-old brother saw the suspect. who ran away from the house. at this point - police are not releasing much about the crime. except the cause of death.and that d-n-a and fingerprints have been found. the suspect is still on the loose. and that has every parent and police officer on edge. kron-4's j-r stone is near doors and windows locked. >> j.r. stone: i want to explain tonight's process. there'll be a statement that will be read from another member of the shs of we will take a few questions at the very end. first i want to introduce the share-share offer. he will make a few comments. prof >> i'd like to say this is a sad time for this county. i
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want to assure everyone that we are doing everything possible to apprehend the person responsible. i have spoken to the family-you can imagine, they are quite distraught about this whole incident. we will not rest until we capture the responsible person. i'd like to thank the outside agencies for assisting us in this investigation. i also want to thank the students of the county for their support and help because the said in a very overwhelming. we will continue to beef up our patrols in this area until we figure it is no longer needed. thank you. >> next i'm going to introduce sergeant hewitt.
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he was at the scene and the date of the crime. he is a spokesperson. sgt hewitt will be the spokesperson of moving forward. he will provide you with some information and he is going to read a prepared statement. >> hello my name is sergeant chris hewitt. an autopsy was conducted on the low founder.. shocking him rich dess stabbing-shock and demurrahhorage. a memorial
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fund has been set up at fnn ban. for questions regarding thisccount for this fund you can call 2098872299. this completes the briefing. we will take about five questions and allow the back to their family. >> the parents and not have a prepared statement at this time. they will prepare something tomorrow. they
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needed some time to decide if it wanted to speak or not. >> i don't think she wants to speak but i will appear fries--paraphrase. she would like everyone to respect their privacy. they are upset about pictures of their daughter being posted. they ask the public that they not make any-or directives statements about the family--derrick derogative. the information on the fund will be posted on our web site and we would also ask that you post this on your various media outlets and web pages. we
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will start to ask questions. >> we are not discussing any of the details of the investigation at this time. >> we are continuing to conduct interviews. we have submitted some evidence that we intend to submit more to the department of justice and crime lab. we did receive phone calls from the attorney general and the california department of justice. they informed us they would expedite this case and this will be the priority case that they will be working on in the state of california.
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yes. the 12 year-old son saw the suspect in his home. we used the term intruder. that cost him some concern. he briefly follow this person until the person left the house. that's when he went to check on his sister. there was a second witness that lived in the neighborhood that saw somebody with a similar description running in a different direction at that time. we discussed that several times. the problem is we have to descriptions
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from theate of the event and we have a third from someone who saw someone in the area a few days prior. there are some consistencies and some inconsistencies on those three different descriptions. we do not want to mislead anybody or send anybody down the wrong direction. that is why we decided not to release districts-sketch at this time. they have not been ruled out. in some cases, they have been photographed and some have been searched. we checked them out because we wanted to know what their whereabouts were and to see if there was anything that was on the person or their home that would have tied back to this case. we also spoke to them hoping that someone in this community
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could provide us with some information that may have led to further for mission in the case. we don't know if this is random. i can tell you that this investigation has taken a couple different every-as avenues. we do not want to treat one of lighter than the other. we will continue to investigate all leads as if they're accurate and very important. we have not necessarily prioritize that. we have nothing that has progressed as it relates to that specific report at this time. the parents that are here tonight are barney
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fowler. is the father. we always advise folks to lock their doors and windows. there is no fear but we are absolutely concerned. we want to treat this case as though there is an intruder on the loose and
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we are actively following up on that. please come forward or anyone who knows anything or has any information, however slight, please come forward. last question. i will talk to them but they were not ready. please bear with me for a second. out of respect for the family, they would like to wait for tomorrow. we have no other press conference scheduled at this time. we will schedule arrangements with the family tomorrow. i would look more into early afternoon and evening for another press
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conference. i cannot emphasize how much support we appreciate. the community has been fantastic and supporting us every step of the way. thank you very much. >> catherine: police giving us a bit of an update of the murder of eight year-old girl killed in her own home. the father was there. the mother described as wanting to be identified as her mother. some question as to if she is her mother. they have indicated they have some dna and fingerprints. kron4's a share stone is in the neighborhood. --j.r. stone
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>> reportermy teacher was crying because lay low was in her class lastla was in her class lt year. >> everybody who knew her said that she was a very nice person. >> students made signs for the victims and even made bows for her. parents wait- jet waited in long lines to pick up their parents--kids. >> i let them know that
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there was a bad and that hurt a little girl and now she is up and have been so that they would understand. >> many here in valley spring still shaken up over what happened. there will be a candlelight vigil held on held a 7ld. we have photos of the home. these pictures courtesy of our abc partnership with abc seven news. sheriff say just moments ago, it is not fear but there is concern. beefed up patrols will still be scouring the area to ensure that no one is a victim again of this murderer. as
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>> catherine:after a day long search.a san francisco county sheriff's deputy was found dead in the water. divers had been searching for deputy michael roberts for hours. that's after his wallet and cell phone were found still on board. and the keys were in the ignition. other boaters eventually>> justine waldman: >> worst fears came true.
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roberts joined the san francisco sheriff's office in 1998. he worked mostly in the jails. behind a wife and children. the hot, windy weather we've been having has cal fire concerned. the dry conditions all raising fire concerns. we have the potential of sending more record high temperatures this week. right now, wind gusts are not too bad. we're seeing teens' out in fairfield and otherwise, the winds have calmed down during this hour. they will pick up tomorrow evening into wednesday morning. a wind advisory has been issued to the north bay hills and the delta. all of these areas uc highlighted in red. sof
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temperature wise, tomorrow, cooler than today, but still pretty warm in the south bay. 85 in sunnyvale. for inland valley, will head the '80s as well. 88 for pleasanton. upper 70's and 80's for east bay shores. sokol and tomorrow. upper 60s in daly city. a look pitcher extended forecast. again, a little cooler out there tomorrow, but still warm and things get closer to the hot side towards the end of the work week. we do have concern about the fire danger as we head into tomorrow night and wednesday. keep that in
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mind as you can into the rest of the week. star command,
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>> jacqueline: it was called there today. 80s and 90s. i'll have your hot weather forecast coming up. --hiked out of their--hot.'
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just moments ago, a press conference was held for the murder of label fowler-- layla. the search continues
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for her killer. the suspect was discovered by her 12 year-old brother. >> he briefly follow this person until the person left the house and that is when he went to check on his sister. there was a second witness who saw somebody with a similar description running in a different direction at that time. the cause of death is a shock and him ridue to stabbing. the e department have nearly completed searching all registered sex offenders in the area where this time took place. in some cases
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they have been interviewed, some have been searched, and some have been talk to. we wanted to know what their whereabouts were and to see if there was anything that was on their person or in their home that would have tied back to the case. we're hoping someone could provide us with some it permission that may have led to further permission the case. stay with ] >> catherine: that would kron4 as this story continues. >> jacqueline: first let's take a look at the highs across the bay area today. 80s and 90s almost across the board. cluster to the coastline, it was 77 it separates the scope, 64 for half moon bay. those are
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record highs i just mentioned. oakland a new record high at 82. 90 degrees record high for concord. we are going to have of the possibility of setting new records through the next of the week. we are going to see high five your concerns over the next couple of days. winds picking up over the next few days. sustained wins but as we head into tomorrow and into wednesday, when some are going to be picking up. tomorrow, a little bit cooler than today. those winds picking up in the evening raising fire concerned. we do have a red flag warning in effect and a wind advisory affects. i'll have your complete forecast coming up.
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>> one of the bonds have stresses of dna. the fbi has now widened the investigation in the russian government is now getting involved. some behind a wife and children. the santa cruz mountains in may of 2008. killer whales. that's next.
8:34 pm right now the 19 year-old is in a federal medical facility outside boston. he is living in a 10 ft. square sail with a small viewing window and a slot for serving meals. this afternoon we learned that judy clarke will be joining zohar's defense team. the defend
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>> this is not the race to make a dramatic entry in the middle of the race. >> said the scope chief of police says his department will be stepping up his security measures by deploying uppe more officers.
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>> will be deploying them just as we did for the world series parade. folks will notice a larger presence. we will be replacing the trash cans with a knows you can see through. >> even security will not be enough to protect crawled up to 30,000. that's why he's encouraging those running and watching the race to keep their eyes open and to report anything suspicious. >> cannot do this at all without the participants and the city's help. we're all in this together and we're going to make the city safe. mandel >> dan kerman, kron 4 news prepare,
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>> catherine: branson, is one step closer tourists into space. his company virgin galactic made its first powered flight over the mojave desert today. "spaceshiptwo" broke the speed of sound on its own rocket power. reaching an altitude of 56- thousand feet. the rocket-powered portion little more than 10 minutes, and the entire flight took about an hour. virgin galactic plans to reach full space flight by the end of the year. (woman screaming) a florida couple has a whale of a tale to tell. they decided to take a trip to la paz, mexico to celebrate their 20-thand got a chance to get up pod of 20 killer whales. as soon as the couple's boat the wake. >> date it opens, for it
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>> jacqueline: very dry conditions of raising a buyer concerns. -buyer--5 your concernfire concerns. we ag
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is-session breezy conditions along the coastline. a wind advisory has already been issued for the bay hills, the delta and the diablo range. up to 60 m.p.h. gus. dry conditions raising concerns. this tomorrow evening until wednesday evening. as for temperatures tomorrow, very mild out the door. a lot of 50 degree readings. mayor 60 for antioch. into the afternoon, cooler today but still warm. 84 for san jose. for inland valley, a bradys as well. 87 in danville, 87
8:46 pm
in pleasanton. closer to the coastline, we will find relief from the heat. ocean beach blocking. 72 for san francisco. and with interested in forecast, a little cooler than today. the warming trend will resume. more than 90 degree readings for thursday and friday. keep that in the back of your mind for the next few days. remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 247 bay area news channel on comcast channel 193. >> reporter: is that while, but the warriors going up to read = 1 against the nuggets as everyone talking about staff curry--staff curry.
8:47 pm
scoring 22 points in the third quarter. it was all golden state. curry and the warriors have averaged 58 percent shooting in three games and that's dynamite. >> i have a lot of confidence in my shot. coach has confidence in me and i know my teammates do. >> we get him open anywhere in the halfcourt and he shoots the ball. but i was considering shutting him down. i told
8:48 pm
him that and it was almost like a box-as a boxer on the ropes. he captured the moment. it was like he was waiting for this for his entire career. >> 5:00 our time. they can close out the series to move on to play san antonio in the western conference semis. >> this is the most difficult game at the close out game. i've got a young team and if we keep on doing what we are doing, we will put ourselves in the position to move on, but it is a tough task because this is a very good nuggets' team. >> a lot of people say 5:00 our time. but tomorrow night, they have meant is at the clippers and tnt who
8:49 pm
covers the game, decides where the game goes. >> i'd like 5:00 games. --i don't like. scott ottaw it's a verit's very unsettling. kron need to me. good news for sacramento at least on paper. an nba ownership committee unanimously voted against moving the kings out of sacramento. there will be a formal vote on may 13th may 13th, made u.
8:50 pm
>> jason collins, formerly of stanford, an nba veteran is on the cover of sports illustrated after announcing he is gay. he is known to be the first athlete to play in an all- american sport. to come out. widespread reaction including warriors president and chief operation director who said two years ago, he was gay. >> this is such a personal thing to reach a point in your life or your prepared to do that. i am very proud of him. it is a very courageous thing. them whenever he does, it is cool with me.
8:51 pm
>> it's an example of the progress that has made and the evolution that has taken place in this country. >> really nice kid and everybody in the adjacent corner. now, my bottom line is, when you talk about sexuality and race, any prideful person wants to give people the right for freedom and live the way they want to live. but let's see all these people backing up. let's see how society treats them and what his next job is. but today a big win for jason collins. >> rob fladeboe right in that locker room. you can find him on the line at www
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got rob hockey. he was looking at the sharks against vancouver. >> we feel like we've been playing some good hockey and we're excited to go up to vancouver. >> there is a lot of pressure when your number one or number two. sometimes, being a underdog is a thing to relish as well. dow
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